Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Physicians Decorated in Okinawa Campaign, World War II

(I just ran across this little document compiled by the historians here)

Physicians Decorated in Okinawa Campaign

Fox, Ralph M. LT USNR* - USS Purdy
Williamson, Charles E. LT USNR - USS Emmons
Watts, William E. LT, USNR* - USS Haggard
Smith, James, LT USN - USS Evans
Sevensma, Eugene S., LT, USNR - USS Cassin Young
O'Donnell, Bernard V. LTJG, USNR* - USS Hugh W. Hadley
Mitchell, Dana C. LTJG, USNR* - USS Pringle
Markson, John LTJG, USN - USS Shea
Allgood, Jackson L. LT, USNR* - USS Bryant
Dickinson, Ralph H. LTJG, USNR - USS Van Valkenburgh
Nelson, Glenn E. LTJG USNR - USS Bates
Crocker, Harvey J. LT, USNR* - USS O'Brien
*Wounded in action

Wounded fighting men in a concrete revetment formerly used by the
Japanese on Okinawa to protect their planes, wait for Naval Air
Transport Service hospital plane to fly them to base hospitals in the
Marianas. WWII Pacific Theater - Miscellaneous. 05/11/1945; U.S. Navy
BUMED Library and Archives 09-7922-10

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