Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ARCHIVES: 5 Collection descriptions

Here are five small manuscripts transferred from the National Naval
Medical Center's Stitt Library to the History Office.

Bell's Hospital Inspection Journal
Personal papers
E 621 BV 1863
1 volume, no finding aid, unrestricted.
Dr. John Bell's Civil-War era journal of "Visit of inspection of the US
Military Hospitals in Baltimore April 1st-14th, 1863." A list of the
hospitals is at the front of the journal.

Cronmiller's USS Saratoga Journal
Personal papers
WC 755 CJ 1857
1 volume, no finding aid, unrestricted.
"Journal of practice, USS Saratoga" by T. Le P. Cronmiller, MD, USN.
Begins with cases of fever in Nicaragua.

Igiene Navale Translation Booklets
Personal papers
VG 475 BN 1905
6 volumes, no finding aid, unrestricted.
Uncredited and incomplete translation of Carlo Maurizio Belli's "Igiene
Navale: Manuale per Medicidi Bordo, Officiali Navigante e Construttori
Navali." Milano: Societia Edictrice Libraria, 1905 as "Naval Hygiene."
Parts 5, 9-13 survive as six booklets.

Nell's Medical Journal
Personal papers
W 7 NJ 1854
1 volume, no finding aid, unrestricted.
Jonathan B Nell's "Journal Medical," or school notes from Indianapolis,
July 28, 1854. In German and English.

Pathological Diagnosis Journals
Organizational records
2 volumes, no finding aid, unrestricted.
Two volumes of pathological diagnosis notes of cases from around the
United States, including contributor's name and location. Presumably
done at Naval Hospital, Washington, DC. Volume 3 contains #518-884
(1911-1913) and volume 4 contains #885-1176 (1913-1916).

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