Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Navy Medicine at War" Series Now Available Online

The Navy Medicine at War series chronicles the compelling stories recalled by Navy Medical department veterans of World War II—physicians, dentists, nurses and hospital corpsmen who saw the war from their own unique perspectives. An account of Navy medical personnel practicing medicine in submarines operating in enemy waters, aboard vessels under kamikaze attack, aboard hospital ships, on beaches, in the jungle and POW camps scattered throughout Japan and the Philippines. The series was produced by the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Office of Medical History and Archives in cooperation with the Visual Information Directorate of the Navy Medicine Support Command.

Part I: Trial By Fire: Navy Medicine at Pearl Harbor

This installment recounts the “day that will live in infamy” through the stories of Navy medical personnel who witnessed the tragic events at Pearl Harbor.

Part II: Navy Medicine at Normandy (Released in 2001)

Although less well known, Navy medicine made important contributions in the Atlantic, most notably in the Normandy campaign.  The physicians and hospital corpsmen of the 6th Naval Beach Battalion are highlighted in this installment.

Part III: Guests of the Emperor (Released in 2005)

Pearl Harbor was just the beginning of a Japanese rampage throughout the Pacific.  With nothing to stop their expanding empire, the enemy rolled through the Pacific conquering at will.  This installment of the film series tells the tragic story of those who fought to defend Guam, Bataan, and Corregidor against the Japanese invasion.  Their heroism throughout the following years in brutal captivity, under extremely trying conditions exemplifies the enduring values of Navy Medicine.

Part IV: Battle Station Sick Bay (Released in 2006)

After the battle of Midway, even though the pendulum had swung in favor of the United States, final victory was many campaigns and many, many lives away.  Throughout the next three years, Navy medicine would accompany the carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, submarines, and thousands of other vessels on the long bloody road to Tokyo.  As crewman aboard these ships, physicians, dentists, and hospital corpsmen would man battle stations and sick bays during the battle—and the lulls in between.  And they would do what Navy medical personnel had always done—treating torn, burned, and bleeding bodies, and returning men to duty.

Part V: Navy Medicine at War: Stepping Stones To Tokyo

The fifth installment in the six-part Navy Medicine at War film series chronicles the Navy medical experience with the Marine Corps’ island-hopping campaign during the first three years of the war.

Part VI: Navy Medicine at War: Final Victory

“Final Victory” is the last installment of the six-part World War II film series, “Navy Medicine at War.” The film tells the story of the war’s final campaign and aftermath - the bloody fight to take Okinawa, the dress rehearsal for the invasion of the Japan ese home islands, the dropping of the two atomic bombs, Japan’s surrender, and the liberation of the prisoners of war.

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