Wednesday, December 14, 2011

VADM James Zimble photographs

VADM James Zimble, MC, USN, (Ret.) passed away this morning. VADM Zimble was our 30th Surgeon General of the Navy from 1987 to 1991. He then served as the 4th President of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences from 1991 to 2004. This is a selection of hundreds of photographs we have of him.

JAMES A. ZIMBLE, VICE ADMIRAL U.S. NAVY, THE SURGEON GENERAL. (National Museum of Health & Medicine, NCP 1974)

Naval Hospital Dedication. Vice Admiral James A. Zimble. San Diego, California. 09-5054-061.

Naval Hospital Dedication. Left to right: Captain Wesolowski, Dr. Mayer; Seated MCPO [Master Chief Petty Officer] Jessup, Rear Admiral Sears, Vice Admiral Zimble, Rear Admiral Montoya, Chaplain Kieffer. San Diego, California. 09-5054-063

Vice Admiral James Zimble and Vice Admiral Donald Hagen (in background) at Exhibit on the Mall. Gulf War - National Victory Celebration. 09-7987-001

Vice Admiral James Zimble (center), Vice Admiral Donald Hagen (right), and Rear Admiral Rober Higgins inside exhibit tent. [Gulf War - National Victory Celebration. 06/1991; U.S. Navy BUMED Library and Archives 09-7987-17

Navy Surgeon General Vice Admiral James A. Zimble, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy, right, chats with a patient during a visit to Fleet Hospital 5. Zimble commended Navy medical personnel at the Navy's first activated fleet hospital for providing the best medical care possible. [Persian Gulf War.] Desert Storm Photos. 12/1990; U.S. Navy Photo by HM2 Jim Moyer; U.S. Navy BUMED Library and Archives 09-7988-101

Dr. James A. Zimble, MD. 1996 Ash Lecturer. National Museum of Health and Medicine, MIS 08-1598-1

Vice Admiral James Zimble. U.S. Navy BUMED Library and Archives 09-9023-10

"Department of Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Department of Navy Naval Medical Command." Vice Admiral James Zimble. U.S. Navy BUMED Library and Archives 09-9023-20


  1. Vice Admiral Zimble was appointed as the first Chairman of the Veterans Advisory Board for Dose Reconstuction (VBDR) in July 2005. The VBDR is a congressionally mandated advisory board to both the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs to oversee the requirements of Public Law 108-183, “The Veterans’ Benefit Act of 2003”. VBDR has the responsibility under that law to:
    • Represent the Veterans’ interest, to make sure Veterans claims are handed correctly, fairly, and as expeditiously as possible.
    • Assist in communicating information on the Dose Reconstruction Program: eligibility, how to apply for a claim, and the description of the program.
    As the first Chairman, Vice Admiral Zimble was responsible for the formation and early work done by VBDR. He oversaw the significant reduction in time between the "Atomic Veterans" claim filing and adjudication process, the moving of all "Atomic Veterans" (and other ionizing radiation related claims) to the VA office in Jackson, MS for better service to the Veterans. He was also responsible for many outreach efforts to inform the “Atomic Veterans” of the benefits for which they might be eligible. He was the driving force for the first five years of the VBDR and retired from the board in 2010, and was succeeded by Lt.Gen. “Chip” Roadman, USAF, former Surgeon General of the Air Force.

    Provided by Ken Groves, CDR, MSC, USN (Ret.); member of VBDR

  2. CDR Groves, thank you for the additional information.

  3. Thanks you very much for the information Commander. Am not sure too many people even knew about this.

    George S. Harris
    CAPT MSC USN (Ret)

  4. Jeremy Nathan MarksDecember 16, 2011 at 7:48 AM

    I am very happy to see this tribute to Admiral Zimble. I will always remember him with both affection and respect. When I was 17 years old and looking to apply to college he took an interest in me and wanted to interview me when I expressed interest in attending his alma mater, Franklin and Marshall College. He took the time, in the midst of his busy schedule as President of USUHS to sit down with me in his office and ask me about my goals and my intentions. I was deeply grateful for his interest and his concern for my future. But what will stay with me even more than his kindness was the example he set. Admiral Zimble was a special person because he was above all concerned about people and not aloof from the needs of others. His primary concern, as I saw it, was to help others who needed assistance and if he was in a position of authority he used that position to serve. We would all benefit from having more leaders like him in our world. I have great respect for him and am saddened by his passing.

  5. Capt. Joseph W. Sokolowski Jr. MC USNR-retiredDecember 30, 2011 at 11:40 AM

    My wife and I were saddened by the death of Vice-Admiral James Zimble. The Admiral and I were residents at the US Naval Hospital St. Albans New York in the mid-1960's The Admiral was a resident in Obstetrics/Gynecology while I was in Internal Medicine. Both our families lived in junior quarters at the hospital which historically had the reputation of being condemed at the time of their completion.
    Admiral Zimble also delivered our two oldest children while he was stationed at St. Albans
    I had the pleasure twice yearly of seeing him over the past two decades at the meetings of the American Medical Association when he was Surgeon General and subsequently a specialty society delegate. He was a wonderful friend, professional colleague and leader. May God Bless him
    Capt. Joseph W. Sokolowski Jr. MC USNR retired

  6. His portrait at NNMC includes a rubber chicken!