Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Film producer looking for Vietnam nuns in Guam in 1975

Kevin Stirling has written to our office for help with a film, but we
only have one photograph for him. He's asked that we publicize his
project a bit more widely. His film is Cloistered: God's Women of Steel
and he can be reached at info@cgwosthemovie.com

His question is:

"The film [Cloistered: God's Women of Steel] is about a group of Nuns
who live in a monastery and their life's journeys along the way toward
choosing a religious life, notably in a cloistered monastery.

One of the Sisters came the U.S. as part of the mass exodus from Viet
Nam in 1975. She and her family traveled by ship from Viet Nam to the
Philippines, then onto Guam before resettling in the U.S.

I am interested trying to locate any photos and or video clips about the
Guam tent cities that I might be allowed to use [Public Domain] that may
be available for my usage in the film as well as any interview

The Sister only remembers traveling on ship No. 16."

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