Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Got Grog? The 2012 Winter Edition is now available

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the latest edition of THE GROG, A Journal of Navy Medical Culture and Heritage. In this issue, we offer you a look back at a very key year for the U.S. Navy Medical Department, 1942. Host to the Battles of Guadalcanal, Coral Sea, and Midway, this challenging and transformative year also marked the beginning of the U.S. Navy Mobile/Fleet Hospital Program and the integration of women into the Navy. We follow this article with "The Shadow Nurse," the stunningly true tale of two Navy nurses who succesfully switched lives and careers. Finally, Chief Nurse J. Beatrice Bowman returns to the present day to show the reader around the only Navy hospital ship that was specifically built from the keel up as a hospital ship. As always we hope you enjoy your humble tour of Navy medicine's past. And feel free to pass this link to anyone who enjoys history.

THE GROG is accessible through the link below. PDF copies are availaible too for all interested parties.

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