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Archives: Guests of the Emperor: WWII Navy Medical POW Collection

Guests of the Emperor: WWII Navy Medical POW Collection
Artificial collection
15 boxes, arranged, unrestricted, finding aid available

This collection contains documents, letters, ephemera, journals, diaries, lists of names, citations, and images from and about prisoners of war during World War II in various prison camps and hospitals in Japan. These include Bilibid, Canacao, Zentsuji, Makassar, USS Houston, and various Hell Ships. Other material may be found in Oral Histories and other collections.


Admiral Hubert J. Van Peenen Finding aid for Box 1-4
Book: Hugh & Mace edited by Peter Van Peenen, a collection of letters written between Hubert John Van Peenen II, Hugh, USN, and his wife, Mavis LeClaire Warner Van Peenen, Mace.
Envelope containing can opener found in Lt Cmdr Van Peenen's briefcase used while a prisoner of Zentsuji
Lt Cmdr Van Peenen - Medical Notes - Zentsuji
Lt Cmdr Van Peenen - Greeting Cards from fellow POWs
Lt Cmdr Van Peenen - Overseas Edition Newsmap
Lt Cmdr Van Peenen - Transcripts of the examinations and grades for
Lt Cmdr Van Peenen - Newspaper clippings
Lt Cmdr Van Peenen - Prisoner of War Bulletin, June 1943 - June 1944
Lt Cmdr Van Peenen - Scrapbook of Newsclippings
Lt Cmdr Van Peenen - Newsletters and Updates for Zentsujins
Lt Cmdr Van Peenen - Zentsuji in Kansas-Stories from the POWs Reunions
US Navy Medicine - 2 editions, Sept and Oct 1979, including image of Chief Meyers' diary, address book, armband, and one of several belts he wove while in captivity.
Lt Cmdr Van Peenen - POW Information
Lt Cmdr Van Peenen - Mrs. Van Peenen - POW Information regarding Husband
Lt Cmdr Van Peenen - Personal Collection of Newsclippings
Lt Cmdr Van Peenen - Newsclippings & ephemera of Van Peenen
"Frondoshi" (underpants, or loin cloth) issued by the Japanese to American Prisoners of War at Zentsuji, Shikoku, Japan. Sometimes, an inmate made his own from whatever material available. So one here made by then Lt. Comdr. J.J. Van Peenen (MC) USN
Envelope with shoulder stripes epalets
Empty bottle of Codeine Sulfate
Surgical instruments in towel
Fabric bag carried by POW H.J. Van Peenen containing: 1. Japanese Laborer's shoes worn by POWs; 2. Parts of parachutes used in 1st US Army air dropof food to POWs now at Raku Roshi; 3. dressing case

Lists of Prisoners of War
Marie Adams Papers - Manila Hospital Center, 1941 - 1942
Coggins Papers - Makassar Prison Camp, Celebes Island, CphM Lloyd R. Coggins
The Canacao Journal, 1941 - 1942
War Diary, Canacao Naval Hospital
Casus Belli
CDR T.H. Hayes, MC, USN; Medical Tactics, Jul42 - Dec42
Hayes: Medical Tactics (4th Regiment Historical Papers)
Hayes: Medical Tactics (4th Regiment, USMC, Corregidor), narrative
history of officers in the Manila Bay area
CPR Thomas Hayes - Diary Jul42 - Sept42
CPR Thomas Hayes - Diary Nov42 - Aug43
Diary of Thomas Hirst Hayes - Oct43 - Sept 44
CPR Thomas Hayes - Diary Aug44 - Oct 44
Kentner's Journal, many copies in varying conditions
Reports of Activities of the U.S. Naval Hospital in the Philippines from Dec 8, 1941 - Jan 30, 1945
Reports of Activities of the U.S. Naval Hospital in the Philippines from Dec 8, 1941 - Jan 30, 1945
Proposed Citations for Personnel who Served with U.S. Naval Hospital Unit, Bilibid Prison 30 May 42 - 1 Oct 43
Peart's Journal - Bilibid Prison
Book of War Records: Bilibid Prison
Schweizer, Earl G. - Bilibid Log, A Fragment - Journal
Bilibid Hospital, Oct43 - Sept44
"Under the Japs in Bilibid", by William Silliphant
Bilibid Letter Book, 1942
"Shearer's Journal" May 42 - Jul43 Companion to Bilibid Letter Book, 1942
Misc info
War Diary, unknown author
Carry On - A Bilibid Journal by 1st LT James Robb
Bilibid Prison Commissary Returns 4 June 1946
Bilibid Prison Commissary Returns and Analytical Charts
Clinical Papers -POW-Bilibid
Miscellaneous Documents - Bilibid
Bilibid Prison Hospital
Bilibid Hospital
Manila Bay
Houston Papers - Inventory of Clinical Records
Houston Papers by Raymond Day
The Saga of the USS Houston
Hospital Corps Assignments in the Far East
Hell Ships
Smith, Carey - Oryoko Maru & Other Hell Ships - Journal
The Cruise of the Oryoku Maru
Navy Nurse POW
B&W Photos & Drawings copies - Cabanatuan Prison Camp
POW Journal Finding Aid
Report on Japanese Compensation
Rules and Regulations for Prisoners of War
The Medical Department of the Navy in the Philippines
Hornbostel, Hans USA (Ret) POW - Bataan Death march and his wife,
Gertrude - Times Herald Article
Mission to Nagasaki by LT Helen Groble, USN
Los Banos Prison
Bilibid Prison Images
Images - POW Photo Album

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