Thursday, September 22, 2011

New issue of The Grog online

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we present the Summer 2011 edition of THE GROG. In this edition we examine the Navy Medical Department's role in the Coal Medical Survey of 1947 and how it came about. We follow this with a spirited assortment of original articles including Dr. James Alsop's look at Navy hospital care in 1812, Jan Herman's account of working in documentary films, Leanne Gradijan's statistical report of physicians in the Civil War and much more. As always we hope you enjoy your humble tour of Navy medicine's past.

THE GROG is accessible through the link below. If you prefer a PDF version to be sent directly to your inbox please let us know. For all those who have already requested to be put on the PDF mailing list a low resolution version will be sent to you shortly.

Link to THE GROG, Summer 2011

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André B. Sobocinski
Deputy Historian and Publications Mgr.
Office of Medical History (M00H)
Dr. Benjamin Rush Education and Conference Ctr.
Navy Medicine Institute for the Medical Humanities (NMI)
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED)
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