Thursday, October 6, 2011

RADM Edward R. Stitt, Surgeon General (1920-1928)

Edward Rhodes Stitt (1867-1948) joined the Navy as an assistant surgeon in 1889. After several sea tours, he practiced medicine at the Norfolk Naval Hospital. After the U.S. became a colonial power acquiring several island possessions, Dr. Stitt made notable contributions to the field of tropical medicine. He later taught the subject at the newly founded Naval Medical School. He assumed command of the school and served there during World War I, and was awarded the Navy Cross for his exceptionally meritorious service. He became Surgeon General in 1920. During his term aviation medicine became a specialty. RADM Stitt's two textbooks, Practical Bacteriology, Hematology, and Animal Parasitology, and Diagnosis and Treatment of Tropical Diseases made him internationally renowned.

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