Thursday, October 6, 2011

RADM Clifford A. Swanson, Surgeon General (1946-1951)

Clifford Anders Swanson (1901-1984) was appointed assistant surgeon in 1925. He served in varied assignments at home, abroad, and aboard ship. While an instructor at the Naval Medical School, he researched night and color vision and the effects of pressure and oxygen consumption on the eye. During World War II, Dr. Swanson was senior medical officer on USS Iowa. As an operating surgeon at the National Naval Medical Center, Dr. Swanson performed pioneering eye surgery. He accompanied President Roosevelt to the Teheran Conference and was with the Congressional Committee that inspected the Pacific War area. He became Surgeon General in 1946. During his tenure he sponsored legislation that made the Nurse Corps a permanent staff Corps, and established the Medical Service Corps.

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