Thursday, October 6, 2011

RADM H. Lamont Pugh, Surgeon General (1951-1955)

Herbert Lamont Pugh (1895-1984) was commissioned a lieutenant (jg) in the Medical Corps in 1923. He progressed through the various grades and made a name for himself as a skilled surgeon and teacher. Following Pearl Harbor, Dr. Pugh went to Hawaii and was instrumental in treating many of the seriously injured from that attack. He was appointed Deputy Surgeon General in 1946 and was also commanding officer of the Naval Medical School. RADM Pugh became Surgeon General in 1951 during the height of the Korean War and was the first Surgeon General ever to visit an active war zone. Following his term, Dr. Pugh was Inspector General, Medical and commanding officer of the National Naval Medical Center. He authored an autobiography, Navy Surgeon in 1959.

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