Thursday, October 6, 2011

RADM Bartholemew W. Hogan, Surgeon General (1955-1961)

Bartholomew William Hogan (1901-1983) was appointed a lieutenant (jg) in the Medical Corps in 1925. In 1942, as senior medical officer aboard USS Wasp, he received the Silver Star for heroic service following the torpedoing of the carrier by the Japanese. In 1942-43 he had charge of establishing the V-12 medical and dental programs, and later was commanding officer of the Naval Medical School and Naval Hospital, Bethesda. He was appointed Deputy Surgeon General in 1954 and a year later became Surgeon General. President Eisenhower reappointed him in 1959. During his tenure, he instituted important policy changes which made Navy medicine more attractive as a career.

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