Thursday, October 6, 2011

VADM Robert B. Brown, Surgeon General (1965-1969)

Robert Bruce Brown (1908-1973) reported for active duty in 1942 and reported to Naval Hospital, Philadelphia. He served aboard USS Solace and reported in 1943 as Chief of Surgery at Naval Hospital, Annapolis. In 1945 he became Chief of Surgery aboard USS Tranquillity. During the Korean War he joined USS Repose. For his action, he was awarded the Bronze Star. He assumed command of Naval Hospital, Bethesda and, in 1962, became CO of the National Naval Medical Center. In 1964 Dr. Brown became Deputy and Assistant Chief BUMED. As Surgeon General, he oversaw the medical requirements supporting forces deployed to Vietnam. He also promoted medical research, critical training in critical specialties and combat medicine, and the construction of new and replacement medical facilities.

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  1. A very fine Naval Officer and a Gentleman - in the truest sense of the word... fortunate to be one of his Navy Stewards at his public quarters at Bethesda - 1965 to 1969.