Thursday, October 6, 2011

VADM Ross T. McIntire, Surgeon General (1938-1946)

Ross T. McIntire (1889-1959) entered the Navy as an assistant surgeon in 1917. After serving aboard ship during the Allied intervention in the Bolshevik revolution, he was assigned to an overseas naval hospital, and also served on the USS Relief. He also saw duty at the Washington Naval Hospital. In 1933 he became White House physician, and in 1938 was appointed Surgeon General. With the outbreak of World War II, Dr. McIntire played a dual role. He had primary responsibility for the health of the President, traveling with him on diplomatic missions and military inspection trips. He also presided over the largest Navy Medical Department in history. VADM McIntire led over 175,000 physicians, dentists, nurses, and corpsmen in the war effort.

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